About me

Artist’s Approach

My work is typically a writer work: I sketch, I paint lawful and illicit external surfaces and I tag.

We can say that in the world of graffiti, most of artists are specialists in one of its fields: lettering,
painting on train, tags. I am at the crossroads of all these areas: drawing characters, sets, letters, which
I decline on both legal walls and trains.

My main interest is lettering. I’m always looking to decline it on a maximum of supports, in which the sets and characters are
at it service to enlight it.
However, I refuse to distort my activity as a writer by making only canvases: I want to preserve what composes the essence of the
writer, namely, sketch and walls.

I am looking for link between my external work and his studio capture; my canvases are constructed in such a way as to retranscribe
the energy circulating in the world.

It’s our emotions that configure our reason, when the columns of smoke rise in the sky or it is covered with stars. This molecular
cocktail inspired by the environment creates hate, love, revolt, friendship, fear in the heart of an organization based on a
Platonic pyramidal system.

The tags are part of the anthropocentric path cleared by the Renaissance. They carry within them a hedonistic perspective where
everyone could find their place in the world. They also come to disturb an unjust current order that configures our unstable
future: from a political, economic, ecological, sociological point of view …

This is all that I capture on my paintings that become a fragment of the world I steal.